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Pictures of alimentation A2

Diet and nutrition

to be hungry
to be vegetarian


the alcoholic drink
the non-alcoholic drink
the drink with ice
the drink without ice
the orange juice
the tomato juice
the fruit juice
the infusion
the rum
the gin
the cava
the champagne
the bottle
the can
to be thirsty
to have a drink


the lettuce
the tomato
the carrot
the banana
the apple
the orange
the potato
the garlic
the onion
the parsley
the cheese
the yoghurt
the butter
the mayonnaise
the sauce
the hake
the salmon
the sardine
the tuna
the prawns
the pasta
the rice
the chocolate
the biscuits
the cereal
the sugar
the salt
the pepper
the oil
the beef
the pork
the lamb
the chicken
the steak
the cured ham
the ham
the chocolate ice cream
the strawberry ice cream
the vanilla ice cream
the apple tart
the cream tart
the chocolate tart

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