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Pictures of education A1

Educational centres and institutions

the secondary school
the university
the class
the library

Teacher and students

the teacher
the student
the headmaster
the classmate

Educational system

the Spanish lesson
the maths lesson
the history lesson
the timetable
the exam

Learning and teaching

to learn
to study
to go to class

Exams and marks

to take an exam
to have an exam

Class language

the exercise
the activity
the lesson
the unit
the page
the question
the teacher
the classmate
in pairs
in groups
to speak
to listen
to read
to write
to understand
to understand
to know
to learn
to study
to repeat
to practise
to do homework
to do an exercise
to do an activity
to take an exam

Educative materials and stationary

the internet
the dictionary
the paper
the pen
the pencil
the rubber
the photocopy
the table
the chair
the cupboard
the shelving
the blackboard
the computer
the map

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