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Pictures of education A2

Educational centres and institutions

the school
the language school
the ballet school
the music school
the municipal library
the public library
the classroom

Teacher and pupils

the classmate
the school student
the high school student

Educational system

the (course) programme
to pay for the registration
to take a course

Learning and teaching

to give classes

Exams and grads

the diploma
the certificate
to pass
to fail

Study and qualifications

the maths
the history
the medicine
the law
the engineer

Language in the classroom

to ask
to answer
to complete
to draw
to play
to guess
to write an essay
to do a drawing
to memorize a rule
to learn a formula
to revise an exercise
to revise a unit
to revise a lesson
to make a mistake
to make mistakes
to have good handwriting
to have bad handwriting

Educational material and classroom furniture

the notebook
the sheet
the ruler
the printer
the photocopier

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