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Pictures of Education B1

Classroom vocabulary

to have a question
to make a mistake
to work in pairs
to work in groups
to work individually
to draw a diagram
to write a summary
to look up in a book
to look up in a dictionary
to look in a book
to look in a dictionary.
to take notes
to make notes
to underline
to change book
to change topic
to change partner
to raise your hand
to stand up
to change seats
to volunteer
to go up to the board
to explain a topic
to explain a lesson
to talk about a topic
to chat about a topic
to connect
to compare
to spot the difference
to mark essays
to mark an exercise
to mark homework
to take a break
to take a break

Education materials and classroom furniture

piece of paper
recycled paper
printer paper
printer ink
ink for the printer

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