About the Illustration

Pictures of geography and nature A1

Universe and space

the sun


Physical, human and political geography

the map
the place
the country
the town
the city
the capital
the north
the south
the east
the west

Scenery and geographical features

the mountain
the sea
the river
the beach

Urban and rustic areas


the centre
the house
the street
the square
the park
the restaurant
the shop
the shopping centre
the hospital
the church
the school
the school
the museum
the information office
the tourism office
the taxi stop
the bus stop
the underground station
the train station
the bus station
the underground station


the countryside
the town

Climate and atmospheric weather

the spring
the summer
the autumn
the winter
to rain
to snow
to be cold
to be sunny
to be windy
to be good weather
to be bad weather


the animal


the plant
the flower
the tree

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