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Pictures of Health & Hygiene A2

Health and illnesses

to feel well
to feel bad
to have flu
to have an allergy
to have a fever
to have a cough
to have a healthy life
to have a disease


to have a headache
to have a backache
to have a stomach ache
to have a cough
to have a fever
to hurt
to be tired

Health care centre

the Social Security
the ambulance
the A&E

Medicine and medication

to take a medicine
to take a medicine


the shower
the bath
the towel
the shampoo
the gel
the cream
the cologne
the deodorant
the toothbrush
the toothpaste
to have clean hair
to have dirty hair
to have clean hands
to have dirty teeth


have long hair
have short hair
have curly hair
have straight hair

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