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Pictures of information & mass media A2

Information and communication

to receive a postcard
to respond to a call
to respond to mail
to ask
to answer

Written correspondence

to send
to receive a postcard
to answer
to fax
to send a postcard
to receive a letter
send a fax
to leave a note
to write a note
to go to the post office


the telephone card
the telephone box
to call on the phone
to talk on the phone
to leave a message

Written press

the interview
the journalist

Television and radio

the programme
the adverts
the publicity
the presenter
to watch a television programme
to listen to a radio programme


the internet address
the (discussion) forum
the chat
the virus
to surf on the net
to surf on the net
to send an email
to receive an email
to send an electronic message
to write an electronic message

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