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Pictures of leisure A1

Free time and entertainment

the holidays
the tourist
the information office
the tourism office
to travel
to read the newspaper
to read a book
to read a newspaper
to watch the TV
to watch a film
to listen to music
to listen to the radio
to listen to a song
to go to a bar
to go to the disco
to go to a caffee
to go to a restaurant
to go to a museum
to go to the cinema
to go to the theatre
to go to the park
to sing
to dance

Shows and exhibitions

the film
the concert
to go to the theatre
to go to the cinema
to to to the circus
to go to a concert


to run
to swim
to sky
to do sport
to do exercise
to do gymnastics
to play football
to play basketball
to play tennis


the game
the (playing) partner

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