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Pictures of leisure A2

Free time and entertainment

the free time
the interest
the hobby
the theme park
the zoological park
the zoo
to invite
to meet
to go for a walk
to go shopping
to go on an excursion
to stroll
to walk
to have a date
to have plans
to go out with friends
to have something to drink
to have a coffee
to have a beer
to have a glass

Shows and exhibitions

the ticket
the invitation
the programme
the exhibition
the theatre play
the opera
the musical
the classical music concert
to the rock concert
to buy a ticket (by telephone)
to book a ticket (on the internet)


the gym
the swimming pool
to practise a sport
to ride a bicycle
to hike


to play cards
to play parchís
to play the Game of the Goose
to play chess

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