About the Illustration

Pictures of shopping & shops & establishments A2-1

Places, people and activities

the shopping centre
the stationery shop
the hairdresser’s
the news-stand
the tobacconist
the greengrocer’s shop
the butcher’s shop
the bakery
the clothes shop
the sports shop
the gift shop
the decoration shop
the records shop
the travel agency
the fruit seller
the butcher
the baker
the shop assistant
the client
to return
to exchange
to go shopping
to go shopping
to do the shopping

Clothes, shoes and accessories

the blouse
the suit
the pyjamas
the jacket
the cap
the hat
the scarf
the gloves
the scark
the bra
the knickers
the boxers
the tights
the socks
the swimsuit
the bikini
the boots
the fitting room
the men’s clothes
the women’s clothes
the children’s clothes
to put on
to take off
to try on

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