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Pictures of work A2

Profession and roles

the shop assistant
the civil servant
the salesperson
the entrepreneur
to work as a babysitter
to do babysitting
to have a shop
to have a business
to have a hair salon
to have a job in a bank

Places, work tools and clothing

Job places

the office
the business
the factory
the multinational
the bakery
the book shop

Administrative assistant tools

the office desk
the photocopier
the printer

Job Clothes

the suit
the tie
the uniform

Labour activity

the business
the client
to buy a product
to have a meeting
to make photocopies
to prepare an invoice
to answer the telephone
to speak with customers
to speak with the boss
to send a fax
to send an email

Unemployment and job search

to have a (job) interview
to write the CV
to send the CV

Rights and labour responsibilities

to earn money
to be retired

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